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Machine Fabriek



Our Dekkers,

Build 1925,

25HP 20ltrs.

Two stroke hotplate engine with cross head

During the late 1980s we were searching for information on old stationary engine builders in our neighbourhood. As we didn't have a clue how it was done, we just started asking around and locating relatives of these early engine-building pioneers.

We actually found 5 factories, and this was one of them.

Later, we obviously started searching for such engines, but we had only luck with the engine above of which we are now the proud owners.

The Factory of DEKKERS as it was in those years. They built engines from approximately 1896?? To 1930??

The son of the founder who is still alive told us so, and although some people go by the books of the municipality, we believe his calculations proof to be most correct.

Although Dekkers built quite a few engines, he never tried to standardise his engines, they say he just kept on drawing them on his big blackboard painted doors. Every one of them was unique.

 This is a picture of a brochure with letters of recommendation, click on this engine picture for the whole story on Dekkers.

Motorenfabriek VISSIA Roosendaal (NB)

Across the street was in those days engine factory "VISSIA" and they made stationary engines too. The competition must have been fierce of course. We heard that at a certain time they built 8 - 12 a week. VISSIA's cousin by the name of OTTEN from Breda had seen stationary engines at the world trade fair in Paris and coming home he proceeded to build a very small gas engine and after fiddling with it for a while, he even made it run. They started building engines around 1900. These gentlemen later went to Germany to buy drawings of "Ansbach", we are not sure who made the designs but we do know that the Ansbach name was under the drawings.

Click here forfull story

We are also not sure how many Vissia engines were sold, we do know they had an agent in Antwerp and they sold a lot of engines to Germany and that several years ago there were still two engines running on swamp gas somewhere in India.

Vissia stopped the engine production in the early 1920s but they kept the models (Or casts) for years. Our contact person in that family has lived and worked in Australia for quite a few years and when he returned to The Netherlands a lot of the history of his family firm had already gone.

Due to the fact that Dekkers stayed in the business for years after that, we can assume that there were quite a lot of Vissias scrapped in order to replace them with newer Dekkers engines.

OTTO: 1903

This engine was a real sight when we first found it, but now it is really smoothly running. It is still not fully restored, but that's something for the future.

The engine builders who in 1877 as you know discovered the first internal combustion engine with a good output were Otto and Lange. 


Their firm eventually became Deutz



It runs smoothly, after a lot of trouble first with the "isolator". Now it seems to be alright as long as we use a "flat" battery.


Gerhardt Schubert

AMBERG (Bayern)


 Heinrici, before and after the restoration as you can see

We hope that this beautiful engine is made before 1900, but we are not sure.

New hot air engine but WHAT is it?

Click on picture for more information

Paradox.Kögl und Fuchs

Milot, our beautiful little French engine with the very distinct sound.

If we take her to a rally, the very few times that we go, we can hear her sound above all other engine sounds.

This Hornsby, was one of the first engine's of this type with a closed ball governor, we think that's a pity for us, as we love the open flyball governors but we'd rather leave it in the original condition. And we are very happy with this engine

Robinson Hot tube engine.

The factory stopped production in 1905 they say, could this engine be build before 1900 then??? We doubt it but it is nice to look at and an old one, the serial number is 2678 and the size is x.

Schlüter SJ 1. 250 to 300 RPM, 3 HP build between 1911 and 1913.



Rochet Schneider

All is not restored jet, but most engines run within a very short time.

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 And then now the question?!?!?!?

May we ask you if you have something to add to our collection?

An engine, brochures, books, advertisements, pictures?

Damage is no problem, but to expensive is.

We are just average people

If you do, please mail us.

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